Mama’s Are The Best!♡


Taking the time to stop and actually gaze at the beauty around me brings me peace. I saw these flowers while on a walk with my Mama and two children the week of my birthday, and the week after my daughter was born. Struggling with my emotions while she was here, she was a light. She helped me so much by cleaning, re-organizing, and deep-sixing the stuff I couldn’t do myself. She also helped a lot by watching and playing with my son, and bringing me food and providing a listening ear, as well as sound advice. Hormones are a bit whacky after giving birth. She cleaned so much she literally opened a new door – as in made one accessible that we hadn’t been able to utilize in a while. Just that door made all the difference in the world. I could now open the curtains and sit on the couch and just let my kid play under the sun to his H3ARTS content, while he’d be driving his power wheels, I’d be breastfeeding my daughter, all without taking my eyes off him. Talk about making life easier. I was so happy for her to be here and so sad to see her leave. But the one thing thats nice about when people leave is that the next time you visit, it’s even more special! I love you, Mom!



6 thoughts on “Mama’s Are The Best!♡

  1. So sweet! Love that you put your touch on the word, “H3ARTS” and your humor with the “opening a door”…LOL I will never forget the support I got from my momma and momma-in-law when baby C arrived. Those moments will forever be held in my heart!

  2. Mama's Happy Hive says:

    I totally understand those hormones after birth 😉 I was there with you just a short while ago. It is beyond wonderful to have support and help from our loved ones. I am glad you had your Mom. It sounds like she helped you not only at the moment, but also after she left. She left pieces of her heart with you 🙂

    • Thank you, yes she did 🙂 Mom’s have a way of doing that! Still wish she was here though! But it’s good to be loved even from afar, so I won’t complain too much 😉

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