Mood Ring

I LOVE COLORS and color physiology has always been something that has been very fascinating to me. I like to think I have favorites, but my favorites have always cycled… and usually come in pairs. I think this is normal for me, as I have always been imaginative and considered myself to be an artistic person. PURPLE and GREEN, usually rank at the top for me and go hand in hand… when I favor these colors, yellow and blue is not far behind. But I also like pink and RED as well, and orange is a crazy/fun color! You see, I can’t decide! But when someone asks me, my “go-to” is definitely always purple and green.

The color wheel is a very beautiful thing to me as well, simply outlining the complimentary colors and opposites and how they attract to one another. I have always believed that colors do contribute to a person’s attitude/personality and their mood! And upon researching this, apparently Pablo Picasso thought the same thing, too! “Colors, like features, follow the changes of the emotions.”  -Pablo Picasso 🙂

I’m curious to see what’s the most popular color. Take my Poll: Vote for your favorite(s)! I posted the colors of the rainbow, so if your color is missing just type it into other, and read on to see what it may say about you! 🙂

Here is my breakdown..

Colors of WARMTH/Energy-
-: color of aggression/anger
+: passion//love.
o: blood
Love and Hate, seem’s there really is a thin line between the two??
-: Attention seeking/Annoying/hot
+: made up of yellow and red, orange is enthusiastic and warm
o: sun

-: naturally colors of energy can also be frustrating.. which again is what leads me to believe that LOVE and HATE are the same kind of fire.
+: has always naturally made me happy,cheer
o: flowers/smiley face/stars/light

Colors of COOL/Calm-
-: Jealousy
+: lucky, healing, cheerful and soothing, like herbs or tea… this is after all the color of nature, a natural d-stress.
o: trees, grass, plants, herbs
-: Associated with sadness
+: calm/relaxed and orderly~ blue is a color of peace and productivity, cool temperature
o: sky, water

-: dark/deep/vast
+: pensive
o: ocean, space

-: dark/secretive
+: Royal/Artistic/Wisdom/Spiritual/Mysterious
o: treasure, sunset, aurora borealis

If I didn’t mention your favorite color look between the two colors it would lie between for example, PINK is romantic but it stems from RED and originally is thought to be calming. However after longer exposure can actually give the opposite affect, very much like red! 🙂 So what do you think about all of this? What’s your favorite color and how does it make you feel?


Have A Happy Day!

>>–♡–> Lizzie-Beth <-♡–<<

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9 thoughts on “Mood Ring

  1. mommy2apirateandprincess says:

    This was really cool! Fun to read about the different colors. Never really thought about it.

  2. Mama's Happy Hive says:

    I enjoyed taking the color poll! 🙂 And I like what it has to say about my favorite color. Great thoughts on what colors mean and how they make us feel. I am not into red as much. It’s too bright for me personally. But Little Bee loves red, so I have a lot of red in his room for him.

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