Thank you for this Award!! ♡

Thank you BELSBROR for nominating me for the LIEBSTER AWARD!

Everyone else should check out BELSBOR’s poetry, it’s deep and meaningful and never a let down.
This award is about networking, and discovering new blogs! If you’ve ever been interested in it, it gives the possibility of bring more traffic and in turn readership to your blog! Hopefully somebody will see you, like you and decide they have to Follow 🙂

From what I understand the Rules are simple:
Just link back to the blogger who nominated you, in this case it would be me. 😉
Answer the questions that were given to you, if any (there were none given to me, but I’ll put mine at the end just to make it more fun and possibly write up a blog about it later!)
Then nominate at least 11 other bloggers with less than 200 Followers..
Notify the other bloggers on their page about the fact that you nominated them..
And give them a question! 🙂

My Nominees (I didn’t check to see how many followers, I just want these people to get more traffic because I think they deserve it, LOVING, MAMA’s as they all are!):


Vanessa – Mama’s Happy Hive

– Blog:

Katie – Cup of Tea blog

– Blog:

Hillari – All You Need is Love

– Blog:

Sara – Sweet Little Gals


Amy Paskell – The Life I have chosen


Crystal Sabalaske – cluttershrink

– Blog:

JeanChenai – Virtualmontessori

– Blog –

Babita Shringare – BabsProjects


Laura CD – Valley Family Fun


Michelle Stevens – Preemie Blessings


Carrie Purkeypile – FitToHealTheWorld


Rikki – Mini Monets and Mommies and Please Shut Up, Im Thinking  


-Blog II:

Amy Meade – Vegan Without


Esther – onehotmama2005


Juliette Sasek – The Sasek Family


Shervette & Andrea – 2 Groovy Moms


Niki Hazeltine- Life with NO Naps


The Question:

As most of you know, My blog is about Following your H3ART (while using your brain), and Finding Happiness.. Being Positive, and Doing the things that you love to do… Please tell me, what is all of that for you? In other words, what things do you do daily that translate to “”following your heart,” what things do you do to find happiness, which ways do you think in order to create a positive attitude (quotes are welcome!!) 🙂 and what are the things that you love doing?? How do you get yourself out of a rut when your stuck thinking negatively? Positivity here, is the key! 🙂 Thank you Fellow Bloggers, and Congratulations!! 🙂


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