M♡ther’s Day Weekend

Yesterday, after a couple errands I went out to breakfast with my husband, our kids, and my father-in-law.. We went to Pinky’s so it turned out to be lunch, but it wasn’t bad. I got to use the Ergo carrier with Maria. I had been lusting over this carrier for a while. She wanted to stand the whole time so she got a little flustered, but it was super convenient when she’d allow it.


Afterwards, Billy and his dad went to see O’Reilly. We had purchased the tickets back when I was still pregnant thinking I’d be ready to go out, but my daughter is EBF and we aren’t quite there yet, so I gave my ticket to my FIL and then took the kids to Grandpa’s house, where we met Grandma, because Lenny wanted to go swimming.

It was such a nice day but pretty hot. I decided to take Maria in for a short dip so we wouldn’t overheat. It was really sunny, so we couldn’t stay out in the sun for too long. Lenny was loving it though!

He was in for a while before we went over to the side of the pool close to where he was. We sat on the edge and put our feet in the water. Maria’s little toes just dangled into it.

She was wearing this really cute Minnie Mouse swimsuit, that was gifted to her by her Omi. It had a hood attached to protect from the sun and the hood had little ears and a bow 🙂


When her little toes touched the water she made a funny face, but she seemed to enjoy it.


Lenny came and sat next to us for a while until I passed Maria to Grandma, Cindy, for her official first “swim.” She was fine until the water went to about her waist and then she cried a little. I don’t blame her because when I tried the same thing, I realized it felt much cooler compared to how hot it was outside and I’m sure to her, it felt very cold. After you got used to it, it was nice.. luckily she discovered this pretty quickly and was able to relax enough to enjoy herself a little bit.


Lenny started trying to mow me down with his remote control boat while I took pictures of everything around us. He thought it was hilarious! It caught me off guard because he was steering it pretty well compared to the last time I saw him use it, but I totally agree that it was pretty funny. That kid has such a good sense of humor for an almost 3 year old!

Just another picture of the kids playing in the pool with Grandma.


Me and my kids, after Maria’s 1st Swim with Grandma 🙂


When we were gearing up to leave Lenny and Maria were wearing their Hawaiian license plate shirts that say “Big Bruddah” and “Little Sistah.” I bought them when I found out I was pregnant with a girl and was so excited about them wearing it! So, seeing them in these shirts I had to snap a quick one.

Just looking at them warms my H3ART! It’s even hard for me to ever be upset for too long.

The drive home was nice. The sun was starting to go down some and reflected beautifully off Kaneohe Bay and the clouds had a beautiful silver lining around where the sun was peering from behind them.

This picture does not do the beauty any justice.


I arrived to the house about five minutes before my husband did. I was just throwing a load of laundry in the washer when I heard him talking with Lenny in the living room. My little sweetheart walks up to me with his arms extended, smiling and says “for you MAMIII!” 12 dozen long stemmed roses in pale pink color. They were stunning! Again, I melt 🙂


I arranged the flowers in my special flower glass -I had saved it from the first time Billy had flowers delivered to the house for me on my birthday, the first time I had ever received flowers via delivery. It was super special for me, and the glass they came in was so nice, I decided to keep it and use it as my all-time flower glass. My husband walks in and hands me a bag. Inside it was the coolest goblet mug ever! It was Mason Jar style, and exactly what I had been wanting. I had briefly mentioned it before and was happy and surprised he remembered. I don’t know why it always surprises me, he’s a good listener and usually remembers things like this, but it surprised me none the less. It was such a nice surprise. I haven’t been able to stop talking about this mug. It’s weird. I love it that much! 🙂 I told him I would replace all of our cups and stock the whole kitchen with these goblets if I was given the opportunity. They are perfect! The hold a bunch of liquid, it’s insulated, but clear, although tinted because this one is pink !!, it’s easy to wash, has a straw, measuring lines, a cap, and a handle!! Oh, and it’s so pretty!! What more could you ask for in a cup?! So perfect!


So then I get the card and it’s addressed to “Pretty Lady,” I love it when he talks to me like this 🙂 Anyway, I open up the card, it was a sweet/humorous card, that’s his type.. but when I open the card out drops a $20. He thinks this is hilarious.. if you were wondering where my kid got his humor, now you know 😉 I’m not complaining though, I scored $20!! 🙂


Tomorrow is his birthday. I invited the family out to go to The Outback to celebrate. It was suppose to be a surprise but that fell through, oh well. I’m sure it will still be nice anyways and I look forward to having a nice dinner with my husband and our kids, and family 🙂

Hope all you other Pretty Mama’s had a Happy Mother’s Day! I am so happy to be here, and so lucky that my mom took such great care of me when I was a child! I only hope I can be half as good a mom to my kids as she was to me! What was your favorite part of the weekend?

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11 thoughts on “M♡ther’s Day Weekend

  1. Mama's Happy Hive says:

    That is a beautiful Mother’s Day! Your pictures are breathtaking! The beauty all around you is awesome! And your kids are super cute. You have a blessed life 🙂 And a sweet husband!

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