Redirecting My Arrow


So these are flowers I received on Mother’s Day. It’s been a few weeks right? Well let me tell you, these are the most awesome flowers in that they have not lost a single petal! Now there’s an anomaly if I’ve ever heard of one!

Anyway, I basically came on here today to tell you I haven’t deserted my blog. But I’ve been very stressed just trying to be a good mom, and don’t feel like just writing to write is “my cup of tea,” except when I actually have time to sit, think, and dedicate to editing, and expressing exactly as I want to.

CoralberryHeart♡™/H3ART♡™ is very important to me and I don’t want to just waste it posting mediocre posts, which I felt I semi did this last time, as I was drawn to say so much more, and differently.  It takes me a while to write quite what I feel because I read it over and over. I don’t like things being interpreted incorrectly and I enjoy being thorough yet to the point as possible in my writing and editing alike. So here I am redirecting my arrow and aiming for higher quality and satisfaction, if not on your end, at least on mine! ^.~

I am excited as we all know the mission of my blog and my conceptual art and photography all aim to promote positivity/loving life/happiness through choice, hence “follow your heart,” or “follow your H3ART” depending on how long you’ve been reading… but I’ve remembered a project idea I’ve wanted to begin under this same notion and though it may take a while to begin and be able to share… I hope you’ll stick around to enjoy it with me 🙂

@ CoralberryHeart♡™ xoxo

16 thoughts on “Redirecting My Arrow

  1. Juliette says:

    Thanks for your honesty! I feel somewhat the same way, about my blog. It’s more for me, so I only write when I want to, and not just for others to read and yet when I am writing I want to make sure they get what I am trying to say.

    • Good for you! It’s nice to be understood and to have others enjoy your writing, even if it’s on your terms 🙂 where’s your blog? Please post your link, I’ll come visit you 🙂

  2. I completely understand. When you pour your heart in to a post, it’s hard to just stick up posts, willy nilly, just for the sake of posting. Do what makes your heart happy! And those are amazing roses!!! Mine never last that long. Have a wonderful weekend!!

  3. It’s very encouraging to read this post. I just started blogging two months ago and feel pressure to write constantly or in a certain way to keep up with everyone else. It’s good to know that there are other options! I spent years writing freelance as a content provider- and was just fed up with writing for other people. I started blogging se that I could write what I enjoy, for myself. I actually started two blogs at the same time, and one is much more for what is going on in my mind.

    • I’m so happy to have you in good company 🙂 Definitely don’t overwhelm yourself or you’ll lose the love to post! But don’t forget your love for it either!! Am I following your blog(s) yet?

  4. Mama's Happy Hive says:

    Great thoughts Lizzie! 🙂 I am also coming to that conclusion! 🙂 We need to remember why we started our blogs in the first place. It shouldn’t be a job. It should be a vacation spot! 🙂 Thanks for sharing and being honest.

  5. Thanks for this. I’ve gone through the same thoughts in my blogging learning curve. Can’t wait to read your blog, even if it takes you a while it get the next post up.

  6. Your blog is meant to be ‘YOUR VERY OWN’ space first…nurture it and enjoy blogging at your own time and pace. I love the thought and love with which you are taking it forward. Great way to go!

  7. Thanks for posting something so genuine and heartfelt. I’ve been blogging for about nine months. I post anywhere from one to four times a week. Sometime it’s tough to eek out one post, especially with the demands of being a mom, which is my number one priority! So, I blog when I can, when I am able, and when I feel like it! I think you’re doing a great job and I look forward to your next post (when you’re ready!). Keep up the great work!!!

    • Thank you so much! I have been so surprised to receive all this positive feedback and encouragement, and I appreciate each and every one of you who take the time to read my blog in the first place. It’s so wonderful to be understood and know I will still have people looking out for my blog even when I don’t consistently post 🙂 Wishing you a Happy Sunday!

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