Last week some time I took my kids to the park with my sister. We had a ton of fun taking pictures of each other and watching my son play on the playground. My sister climbed up there and played with him, while I breastfed mi hija. My sister is such a good Tia and mi hijo loves her so much. I captured a couple photos that I really liked. Mostly we were just having fun.


I don’t usually get to see my sister so much because she’s studying at the University to be a nurse and is very busy, but it’s summer time and she hasn’t started her volunteering or internship job yet ~ so she’s been coming here, and I’ve been going to her place more as well. Sometimes, she out does herself though, and cleans my whole house. House keeping aside, I don’t think she has any idea how much her presence alone enlightens me. It is the greatest gift! I have the best sister, ain’t nobody else gonna win that one. 😉

I am loving this time together and will be so bummed when she has to get serious in her studies again, but I am very proud of her and plan on enjoying every minute with her that I can til then 🙂
Yesterday when she was here, her and Lenny got into his truck and he gave her a short little ride. They were so cute, she jumped out right as I was trying to snap a picture of them, thinking I was going to get after her for sure. I can be a little abrasive sometimes, but I’m working on that. 😉 Trying to do things I enjoy more, more often, and be [high] on life as much as I once was. My family is all helping me achieve this by allowing me to be my own silly self 🙂 I love documenting the good moments and making memories each time I’m given the opportunity. Life is a playground if you open your eyes and look around! I’m feeling more and more confident and even happier by the day!

So what do you think of my pictures?? I’m so excited about this coming weekend when we will celebrate my son’s 3rd birthday and I can take more! Stay tuned to see what we do! 🙂

@ CoralberryHeart♡™/CoralberryH3ART♡™  xoxo


9 thoughts on “LIFE IS A PLAYGR♡UND

  1. Mama's Happy Hive says:

    Sweet Lizzie! You sound happy 🙂 So glad you have such a wonderful sister to hang out with. 🙂

  2. mommy2apirateandprincess says:

    Sounds amazing! I wish so much that my sister was able to hang out with my kids more then once a year.

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