About Coralberry H3ART♡


It's raining but we're having fun! :)

It’s raining but we’re having fun! 🙂

CoralberryHeart♡™/Coralberry H3ART♡™
Conceptual Art, Writing and Photography
Est. in Oahu, HI in 2014.
 By: Lady Elizabeth Nylen
AKA: Lizzie-Beth


Motto: Follow Your Heart, it will take you places!! 😉
Be positive, be happy. Positivity Beget’s Happiness. Remember you choose how to view and respond to any circumstances. Therefore, you are responsible for your own happiness, and your happiness can greatly encourage others around you. Always strive to circulate positive thoughts in life and you will surely succeed and encourage others around you to find the happiness within them, too. Remembering to always use your brain, but do as they used to say and always follow your heart! Who knows what adventures may lie ahead! 🙂

Name/brand Origins for Coralberry H3ART♡…

Let me start with the H3ART first, because that’s what it’s all about.. H3ART represents (the) HEART in my name and life is all about love! Hence my motto: Follow Your Heart! 🙂

H3ART also can be divided in two parts: H3/ART.
PART I: The “H3” is my favorite highway on the island connecting the Windward side to Pearl City and on. It’s a beautiful drive that overlooks the Marine Base with both a magnificent kai (ocean) and mauka (mountain) view. The water is so aqua clear you can even see the coral reef! And if it’s raining a lot you can see the rain cascading down the side of the mauka creating a spectacular 360° view. Don’t even get me started on the greenery on the mountains. It’s just breathtaking!
PART II: H3/ART -the second part “ART” is sorta self explanatory 😉 Art is basically my haven and there are so many mediums to it. So it covers pretty much everything I love to do, from photography to painting, writing, collaging, editing to perfection, singing and even makeup!

Coralberry on the other hand, signifies something personal for me but it is also the color I’ve decided my heart would leak if we looked into it. That, and glittered. hahaha. I’m a little girl at H3ART and I’ve always had an active imagination on me.

Coralberry can also be divided into two parts: Coral/berry.
Part I: “Coral” reef is all over the island! And it’s really fun to look at, providing safety for many of the marine life creatures in Hawaiian waters. Coral is also a very beautiful red/pink/orange color.
Part II:  “Berry”. My hubby and I both love purple’s, my son loves BLUEBERRIES, and my daughter is my little strawBERRY 🙂 I tried to make my name all encompassing and I am pleased with the result 🙂

Coralberry H3ART will be my inspiration for my imagination~ to carry on things I love (like my husband and my kids), and things I love to do.. Like writing, photography, and different kinds of art.. Just listening to my H3ART! 🙂

My kiddos are my whole world. So it’s likely they will be the center of my brand. Not in it’s entirety but definitely a staple. I’m a stay at home mamita. Kudos to those who can work outside of the home but I always wanted to be a Mom -like in the olden days, plus it saves us money. I have a flare for all things vintage. I always wanted to be a Pin-up girl and have always cared for my appearance. 😍😊


Note about the first picture, at the TOP: If it weren’t so foggy behind us you’d be able to count maybe 100 little waterfalls. This happens when it’s either been raining a while or if it’s raining hard. It is raining on us in this picture so we are all shrugging a little bit but my sister snapped this picture right before we came back in and I love it! 🙂

Don’t forget to Follow Me, or Follow Your H3ART! Either one is a good thing ♡ 🙂


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