About Lizzie-Beth♡


Noun(s) that describe me: Mamita. Wife. Sister. Sassy. Sweetheart. Daughter. Artist. Writer. Photographer. Cupcake Enthusiast. Positivity Pusher. Singer/Songwriter/Poet. Libertarian. Entrepreneur. Dreamer.

Does anyone else imagine that their heart is a certain color inside? Mine is coralberry colored and full of love and magic! I’m a country girl through and through (I was born in the country, and raised in the country wherever we went) and always will be a little girl at my coralberry colored H3ART♡
My life comes down to these moments: the realization that this life is my own and that I alone am responsible for my own happiness; meeting and marrying my best friend, and the birth of our two wonderful children. They are constantly teaching me how to look at the world as I once did, when I myself was “wonder full.”  Looking at the world each day like it’s the first time you’ve seen it is truly a beautiful thing and I aim to forever capture these feelings through my work on this blog ~you’ll get a look into whats in my heart, my art, and my photography♡
I hope you enjoy your stay at my CoralberryH3ART♡! 🙂
Please see “About Coralberry H3ART ♡” for the story on how this name was chosen!

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